Coding myths that you should Ignore.

Coding myths that you should Ignore.

Gaurav Pandey

Published on Sep 13, 2021

3 min read

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Are you currently Learning Programming or want to learn Programming.

Here are 6 Coding Myths that most People believe.

Let's burns out some of the major myths about Coding, Don't forget to read this blog completely. 👇

1. You Need to be a genius in Code.

This is completely a myth because you don't need to be a genius in code because nowadays some artificial tools are coming such as Github Co-Pilot, Tabnine. These tools help you to write better and cleaner code.

2. Programming is Boring.

This is also a myth because Programming is not Boring it's fun for me (It's my Hobby). I know that when you are going to start to learn code or learning from 2-4 months you might think that It is boring.

If you get bored, here are some tips:-

• Engage with Community

• Start Building Projects

• Participate in Open-Source Projects

• Get Motivated

• Tech Twitter is a Great Place

3. You need to be good at Maths.

This is not completely a myth because in ML or Data Science. You'll need some advanced concepts of Statistics or Probability, etc. If you are getting started to learn Machine Learning or Data Science your High School Maths is Enough to get started.

But in other domains that are related to Programming, you don't need much maths, Your School Maths is Completely Enough.

4. Once you Master a Language, You're Done.

This is the myth that most people belives. Personally, I don't believe in this because You Master a Language that is really awesome but once you start working on any project, the product you'll need more than 1 Language.

Why you should Learn more than 1 Programming Language:

• Don’t Get Left Behind: Become A More Versatile Developer.

• Learning new languages helps you improve your skills.

• You become a better computer programmer.

• It indicates that you are a quick learner.

5. It's too Late to Learn Code.

No, You can Learn code, your age doesn't matter. If you want to learn you can. I know so many people who start learning code at a very old age.

6. Coding It’s not a creative field.

Yes, it’s technical & logical, but it’s also an art form. Many non-programmers overlook the beauty in the construction of code, and some developers may even believe this too. Many programmers would say it’s like poetry. It’s absolutely a creative effort.

So, let's start Learning Code from today and I hope I'm able to clear your myths.

I post Blogs and Twitter Threads on Maths, Machine Learning, and Python every week. You can find them here: @gaurtvin .

Thanks for Reading!

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