Why Artificial Intelligence is Gaining so Much relevance Today

Why Artificial Intelligence is Gaining so Much relevance Today ?

Gaurav Pandey

Published on Sep 16, 2021

2 min read

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Hi, There Welcome to my another Blog, Today I am going to talk about "Why Artificial Intelligence is Gaining so Much relevance Today?"

The key reason for this recent popularity are:

1. More Resources

We now have increased and more than ever powerful computational resources which enable the heavy AI algorithm to work.

Do you know that know today an average smartphone has more computational power than what was used on the entire Apollo mission which got the man on the moon!

2. Enough Data

AI and Machine Learning need lots of training data to become better with time. Earlier it was difficult to consolidate data into a single platform.

Now we have so much data available with billions of people using cheaper smartphones and so many apps on them constantly generating more personal data.

3. Internet

Internet and Data plans have become cheaper with more internet penetration in the last two years making more and more people and devices get connected and enable AI globally.

4. Smart Devices

We all have access to apps such as Cortana/Siri/Google Assistant that know so much about us - our choices, preference, location, profile, etc. - to serve relevant content and information to us enabling a shift from narrow AI to Broad AI

5. Data Sets

Commercial data sets are available to support analytics. Do you know about Government of India Data sets, Google Image Data Sets, etc.? Many of these are available as cloud services and APIs for ready integration.

6. Machine Learning Algorithms

Machine Learning algorithms have been made available through open-source communities with large user bases. There are more resources, frameworks, and libraries that have made development easier. Have you heard about a framework called Tensorflow?

7. Easy to Visualize

Data Visualization is more user-friendly with tools such as Tableau and Microsoft Power BI. It is easy to run data science models and interpret them in a rich user-interactive mode.


I hope you understand well that why AI is gaining so much relevance today.

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