Why you should learn Python?

Why you should learn Python?

Python is an immensely popular and one of the most highly demanded Programming languages in the world. Why?

Gaurav Pandey

Published on Sep 10, 2021

4 min read

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Hi, There. Welcome to my Blog, In this blog, I talk about Why Python is the Most Highly Demanded Programming language and Why you should Learn it?

Let see...

What is the Python Programming Language?

  • Python is a high-level, object-oriented programming language with built-in data structures and dynamic semantics. It supports multiple programming paradigms, such as structures, object-oriented, and functional programming.
  • Python supports different modules and packages, which allows program modularity and code reuse.
  • Python was created by Guido van Rossum.

It couldn't get simpler than Python!

Often beginners seeking to Enter the Coding/Data science domain think "Why to Learn Python?" and the answer to that is - "Why not Learn Python?" Python’s simple syntax and high readability factor make it a beginner-friendly language. Naturally, the learning curve of Python is way shorter than that of any other language (Jave, C, C++, etc.).

Moreover, Python lets you head straight to your research part without worrying about the documentation. This is why Python is widely used in both development and Data Science fields for web development, text processing, data analysis, and statistical analysis, etc.

According to Stack Overflow Developer Survey Python is one of the most Demanded Technology in 2021. Let's see why It is so Popular?


Python is highly flexible and extensible

Also, almost all modern platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, etc., support Python. A code developed in Python is often compatible with most non-native platforms. It can be integrated with Java, .NET components, or C/C++ libraries.

Python makes Web Development a breeze

Another reason why to learn Python is that it makes the web development process so much easier. Python comes with a wide variety of web development frameworks such as Django, Flask, Pyramid, TurboGears, Web2Py, Bottle, CherryPy, Hug, Falcon, Sanic, and FastAPI, to name a few.

These Python frameworks help developers write stable code much faster. They can automate the implementation of common (standard) solutions, thereby reducing the development time. This enables developers to focus on more critical elements like application logic. Apart from this, Python frameworks can also perform web scraping tasks.

There’s plenty for Data Visualization

As I mentioned earlier, Python has something for every need. It packs in plenty of options for data visualization. Some of the most popular data visualization tools in Python are Matplotlib, Altair, Seaborn, and Missingno.

With these data visualization frameworks, you can easily make sense of complex datasets. Not just that, you can also visualize your findings through various representation options like graphs, pie charts, graphical plots, web-ready interactive plots, and much more.

Python comes with numerous testing frameworks

When it comes to testing or validating ideas/products, Python is the way to go. It comprises several built-in testing frameworks that help in debugging & speeding up workflows.

Python supports both cross-platform and cross-browser testing with frameworks like PyTest and Robot. There are also other testing frameworks like UnitTest, Behave, and Lettuce.


Python is great for scripting

Python is not just a programming language – it can be used for scripting too! The feature that sets scripting languages apart from programming languages is that scripting languages don’t require any compilation; they are directly interpreted.

In Python, you can write code in the script and directly execute it.

The machine will read and interpret your code and also perform error checking during runtime itself. Once the code is error-free, you can use it multiple times.

Career Opportunity

No matter in what trending domain you want to get the expertise or make a career – the chances are more that you’ll need Python throughout the journey. Big Data, Cloud Computing, AI & ML, Data Science, etc. are some of these technologies that are dependent on Python.

As per the reports, a majority of the tech professionals believe that Python is the most suitable language for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science in the present-day scenario. Moreover, you can do web development, web scraping, systems development, etc.

Python is backed by an active community

Python boasts of a dynamic and well-knit community that you can rely on. In case of any coding-related issues, you can always seek help from the Python community. They are ever-ready to help people.

Since it is an open-source language, everyday new progress is being made in the community – developers and coders regularly contribute to enriching the language by developing new tools and libraries


The growth and evolution of a programming language are very much dependent on its community support, documentation, and other related parameters.

"Python is fast enough for our site and allows us to produce maintainable features in record times, with a minimum of developers"

However, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced one, this open-source language provides you with huge and reliable community support to help you out with any problem or concern related to the Python language.

Thank You!

I am Gaurav 14 y/o Python Developer and I love to contribute to Open-Source on GitHub, Currently Learning Machine Learning. You can follow me for more content on Python and Machine Learning.

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